Spray Foam Interior Wall Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a general term used for a item known as spray polyurethane foam(SPF) which is a common material used in interior wall insulation and roofing. It can be used as insulation material for the home and can also be used as a sealing material to prevent flooding, excess moisture and infiltration of pests and insects in the home.

How Spray Foam Insulation Is Installed

There are a lot of ways to install spray foam insulation. It can be installed over steel, concrete or even woods because it has versatile adhesive property that makes it very easy to install over most materials. You can also install them over the roof, on the walls or on the floors.

Types of Spray Insulation

There are two main types of spray foam insulation:

Open cell foam insulation: This type of spray insulation is actually less expensive and contains very few chemicals. The cells are practically open and appear like a sponge. Open cell foam insulation provides very good air barrier however, it doesn’t provide much barrier against water vapor.

Closed cell foam insulation:

This is a much thicker version that provides great air, water and sound barrier. However, it is much more expensive to install over the open cblown-fibre-ell foam insulation. 

When you use spray foam insulation for your home, interior wall insulation, there are a number of benefits you can derive which include:

Prevention of moisture and unwanted water air

One of the major reasons why home owners choose to use SPF for their interior wall insulation is because it helps to keep out unwanted moisture and thereby keeping the home dry and warm. Reduce energy bills Another benefit is that it helps with energy savings and energy bill reduction due to the fact that there would be less need for heating or air-conditioning when you do use your heating and air conditioning, it circulates faster and would cost you less money.

Strengthens the Building Structure

Interior wall insulation using spray foam insulation also helps to strengthen the walls of the home. Also adds to the volume of the walls.

Lasts long

Spray foam insulation lastATTICs very long. Sometimes, as long as 20 years so that you can save a lot of money at the end of the day. Spray foam insulation for your home and offices not only helps you save money, it also helps to protect your home and environment.

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Tax Rebates

Tax Rebates

In order to promote energy-efficient homes, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have programs to help when you build, buy or renovate. (Even some municipal governments have rebate and grant programs). The Home Energy Loan Program is an alternative to conventional financing and helps to circumvent the substantial upfront cost of doing the home energy improvements.