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You have heard of some cases where insulation procedures have gone wrong due to hiring nonprofessionals and attempting to do the job yourself. While this is highly risky for your health and for your walls, it is still a regular occurrence in many homes. Other times, the insulation outgrows its stay and becomes dilapidated, rendering it virtually useless, at which point it needs to be removed.


At RC Spray Foam, we are on hand to provide the best insulation removal services to set up your house for a better insulation procedure. Removal of old and non-functional insulation is a direct way to reclaim energy efficiency in your home. If you find yourself incurring large numbers in your energy bills, it could mean that the air conditioning problem is slowly creeping back in due to the worn-out insulation. Insulation materials vary in the time they take to lose their energy thus depending on the type of insulation you went for, you may need to have it removed for a new one either soon or later on.



In order to determine for sure that your current insulation system is out of date and needs an upgrade, there are some go-ahead signs that will indicate a flaw in insulation. Unusual air conditions in your building, yet there is insulation, is one of the things that can be a pointer of an insulation flaw while the presence of vermin in the house could also mean that they found a crevice through, which they made their way. Your old insulation may also be producing a very foul odor, which clearly means that its time is up.

What RC Spray Foam offers

The process of insulation removal is no average job, as some people may suggest. Attempting to do it yourself is simply putting yourself in line for disaster. This is why our team is committed to take the plunge, by undertaking the best possible insulation removal procedures. The first step we undertake is assessing the roof for potential damage by the faulty insulation system. Some insulation may be fairly mild and can expertly be taken down using protected hands, but where the problem is intense, we are equipped with a high power vacuum system, which is fully designed for insulation removal. The process can be messy, and there is likely to be a lot of waste products, but our eco- conscious team will work to dispose of the mess themselves, to avoid degrading your personal space.


The Benefits of Insulation Removal

The merits that come with the removal of old insulation are plenty. Once the insulation is removed, your house now has the chance for even better insulation, which will restore normal conditions. Your family’s health is also safeguarded as a ‘dead’ insulation poses a number of health risks.

Our Process

We use High Powered industrial Vacuum system specially designed for insulation removal. The equipment stays outside of your home to minimize dust in at your property. We use long hoses to the target area through doors or windows. All our equipment kept clean to prevent any mess. We advise NOT to remove insulation by yourself, if it is not done properly and with the right equipment, the job could create airborne health issue in your house. All removed insulation is transported from your house.

+ What is spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is commonly referred to as SPFI – Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation. It is a combination insulator AND sealant in one. When professionally installed, spray foam insulation performs as an insulator, an air barrier, and a vapor barrier – all in one application. A comprehensive install will reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs, and improve indoor comfort levels.

+ How does one prepare the home for attic installation?

The install team requires clear access to the attic “hatch”. If the “hatch” is in a closet, ALL items must be removed, as well as any shelving (temporarily). Everything in the attic must be removed. For attic insulation removal, ALL items in the room closest to the “hatch” should be covered with a poly-sheet or tarp. Dust fallout is inevitable with any attic insulation work – there will be minor accumulation of dust after the work. It’s suggested to replace (or clean) furnace filters and other ventilation devices.

+ Does spray foam insulation abide by building codes?

Spray foam insulation is a recognized building material under the National Building Code of Canada and the Ontario Building Code. Clearly, specifications will differ for the attic and basement, and conditions will vary in a new build, a renovation, and a retrofit. But a professional installation contractor will be able to assess the specific situation, and install according to the appropriate code.

+ Does spray foam insulation contain formaldehyde?

Spray foam insulation does NOT contain formaldehyde. When it’s professionally applied, the foam mixture is a result of a chemical reaction that creates polyurethane foam. Both the foam product and the installation require professional handling. The equipment is specialized, the preparation process is involved, and the final application is multifaceted – this is not recommended as a DIY project.

+ What is the advantage of SPFI over fiberglass?

Because spray foam insulation adheres to every surface and creates a seamless air barrier, it doesn’t have the problems common to fiberglass batts. Batts cannot fully prevent air infiltration. They do not entirely seal circuit boxes, plumbing pipes, or electrical wiring, and therefore leave open gaps. This diminishes the ability of the batts to stop air leakage and thus reduces insulation effectiveness. When air is leaking in and out of a structure, both heating and cooling costs are increased. With spray foam, a space is completely sealed and insulated, and air leakage is prevented in summer and winter.

+ How can I prepare for a thermal barrier installation?

Access is required (within 100 feet of the equipment truck) to a municipal water hookup. The truck must park within 50 feet of the home or building. Ventilation or dehumidification should be provided in the work area until the product is dry. When the temperature is below freezing, Thermal Barrier installations may require a special truck or a work area with temporary heat. Temporary heat in the install area prevents the product from freezing. Drying time varies with temperature and humidity.

Spray Foam Insulation Toronto Ontario


Spray Foam helps control the air flow leaks through the walls, ceiling and floors.

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This acts like a barrier to keep the heat out of the room and the cool air from escaping.

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Tax Rebates

Tax Rebates

In order to promote energy-efficient homes, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have programs to help when you build, buy or renovate. (Even some municipal governments have rebate and grant programs). The Home Energy Loan Program is an alternative to conventional financing and helps to circumvent the substantial upfront cost of doing the home energy improvements.