Having spray foam insulation for your home doesn’t come cheap and its quite understandable if you feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the potential costs. However, one of the best decisions you would ever make as a homeowner is to invest in spray on foam insulation as its better than other forms of insulation. The benefits of spray-on foam insulation for your home far outweigh the costs. Think of all the cost savings and energy savings you can make as well as protection from flood and moisture. All of these can help to protect and preserve your home as well as give you peace of mind.


What is Spray on Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is derived from two unique types of materials; isocyanate and polyurethane. These two materials when combined become hardened so that when sprayed on any area, they can help to form a protective layer on the area. There are two types of spray foam insulation; there is the closed-cell and the open-cell insulation. While the open-cell spray on is spongy to touch and gives a dampening effect, the closed-cell spray insulation is much less thicker and much more expensive. Therefore, closed-cell foam insulation is much better and recommended over open cell spray-on foam insulation. Some of the benefits you can derive from using spray foam insulation include:



Spray foam insulation is very environmentally friendly and can help to conserve energy consumption in your home. It can also help to prevent the growth of molds and protect against excess moisture formation in the home.


Cost Savings

Spray on foam insulation has a very long life span of about twenty years or more, and this helps you save costs because you wouldn’t need re-insulation for a very long period of time. The lifespan can even be longer than 20 years because spray foam insulation has inert polymer properties that allow it to have a very extensive lifespan. Molds are a very common and a dangerous problem in many homes. When the home is too moist, it encourages the growth of molds, which may lead to severe health problems for occupants of the home. Spray on foam insulation can however help to prevent formation of such molds and also keep your home dry and free from bacteria.


Serves as a Barrier

Sometimes, when you have a cracked wall or hole in your home (which you might not easily detect by the way), it can cause excess moisture and sometimes, flooding. When you have spray-on foam insulation however, it can help to seal your home thereby preventing water and moisture from seeping in. Prevents Insects and Pests from Entering Your Home Insulation would also provide an airtight barrier for your home such that insects and other pests would be unable to penetrate your home easily.

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Tax Rebates

Tax Rebates

In order to promote energy-efficient homes, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have programs to help when you build, buy or renovate. (Even some municipal governments have rebate and grant programs). The Home Energy Loan Program is an alternative to conventional financing and helps to circumvent the substantial upfront cost of doing the home energy improvements.